About Us

The Woodhouse Interiors is all about creating custom hand made beds for children; beds that are locally sourced and manufactured from sustainable plantation timber. Our passion towards children and the environment is what goes into each bed we create. We hope you enjoy them just as much as we do!

Our core mission is to create unique, high quality and eco-friendly products for children. It is about connecting children with natural materials, helping them discover their imagination and creativity and let them be in charge of it.

The Woodhouse Interiors was founded in Melbourne, Victoria. Our biggest inspiration was the birth of our first daughter, Chloe, back in August 2015, when we discovered a whole new world of children’s room furniture. In search for a ‘Big Girl’ bed for Chloe in 2017, we realised the lack of choice and uniqueness of beds available on the market. So we set-out to build a local company which is based on environmentally friendly products that are one of a kind and customisable.

Be sure to follow us and share your story - we can’t wait to see photos of your little ones enjoying our beds!